Prosperi studio with paintings in gold frames hanging on a maroon wall

Two young girls in white sitting on large brown rocks on a beach, watching the waves crash against the shoreline

About Us

Warren Prosperi is deeply involved with the Optical Naturalism Tradition, which began with Caravaggio, and was then perfected by the late 17th century masters Hals and Velazquez, and continued by late 19th century contemporaries Zorn, Sorolla, and Sargent.  He uses its basic tenets daily to examine the nature of visual experience and the structure of a moment, with a particular emphasis on light/dark contrasts, rather than delineation of objects.  Since photography grew out of this same understanding of how we see, this shared continuity, underpins Lucia Prosperi’s  photography, and is the foundation of their collaboration.

When Warren and Lucia talk about their collaboration, they both recognize that even their differences work to build a cohesive artistic vision.  Lucia often comments:  “I think the reason the collaboration works as well as it does is because intuitively, I know where my contribution ends and his easel work begins.” Learn more.


Our process for creating murals is wonderfully illustrated through the documentary of the making of our mural The First Casualty at Bunker Hill filmed by Peter D’Angelo, Mark Vikram Purushotham, and Tim Kolb of Mercy Productions. Learn more.

Contact Us

Since our paintings and projects are commissioned and non-commissioned, naturalism and symbolist, contemporary and historical, please feel free to email us if you have any questions, would like to purchase an available painting viewed on the site, or you’d like to discuss a possible commission for a painting or series of paintings. 

Close up of two men sitting down, looking at first casualty at Bunker Hill