Purchasing Information

Much of our work is commissioned by individuals, collectors, and institutions. These commissions are always welcome.  Please contact us.  Pricing is available upon request.

Some non-commissioned work is available for sale.  These are marked with an icon .  Pricing is available upon request.   

In between commissioned and non-commissioned work are our two murals: “The First Casualty at Bunker Hill” and “Sam Whittemore Stands Down the British Regulars.”  Our goal has always been to have the murals purchased from our “temporary backers” who financed their production and have them donated to an appropriate institution to be hung in public view.  Our shared vision is that the murals will become a vibrant part of the telling of the story of the beginning days of the American Revolution in the Boston area.  Pricing is available upon request.

Our approach towards our studio generated projects is to create them first and then seek a purchaser and destination. So far we have created The Anesidora Group, The Psyche Series and The Oresteia Trilogy.  By sharing them publicly for the first time on our site, we hope to connect with individuals, collectors, or institutions who find them as compelling as we do.  Pricing is available upon request.

More paintings and projects are underway. As we finish them, we will share them on our site.  Pricing will be available upon request.