Documentary: Journey to a Mural

When we made our first Rhode Island Hospital (RIH) mural of Nursing in 1867, we had to set-up everything from life, both in terms of setting, models, and moment.  We needed the “set” to simulate the natural light of the 19th century ward.  It was under these circumstances, we met Peter D’Angelo, an amazing lighting expert, whose knowledge and problem-solving skills made him invaluable for this mural project and all others going forward.

A few years later and just days before our scheduled photo-shoot for our mural, “The First Casualty at Bunker Hill”, Peter brought his friend, director and producer of Mercy Productions, Mark Vikram Purushotham, to our studio.  To our surprise, they wanted to make a documentary about us and the making of this mural. 

These many years later, we realize now more than ever that we had no idea what an incredible journey it would be with Mark, Peter, and Tim Kolb, who filmed so much of the documentary, when we agreed to this adventure. The documentary provides rich insights into the complex process of researching, designing, framing, and painting these large-scale historical murals. 

Documentary on The Artists

The producers of this documentary are seeking institutional support and funding partners to complete this work, already well in progress.

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About the team:

Mark Purushotham – Producer & Director

Mark has worked in the media communications field for twenty years. Programming he has contributed to has appeared on MSNBC, The History Channel, and the A&E Network. He was the Co-Producer of “Race to the Moon,” a documentary on the Apollo 8 Space Mission which appeared as part of the prestigious “American Experience” Series on PBS.

Mark has done extensive media work for the national agencies that represent the United Methodist Church and is currently working as a consultant to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in Washington, D.C. on a national media project focused on Grassroots organizations across the country that are addressing the issues of Mental Health Disorders and Substance Abuse in local communities.

Mark is also in production on a documentary project centered on Global Health, especially as it relates to women and children in the developing world affected by HIV & AIDS. For that project, he has traveled to India as well as Uganda.

Peter D’Angelo – Producer & Lighting Designer

Peter is a set lighting technician who has been working in various phases of the film business since 1984. A member of IATSE Local 481, he has recently been employed as a Rigging Grip on a number of major motion pictures filmed in the greater Boston area including R.I.P.D., That’s My Boy, The Town, Grown Ups, Surrogates, Edge of Darkness,  Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and many more.  While working for New England’s largest Grip & Lighting Company, High Output, Peter was a field technician on numerous television commercials for both national and regional clients, worked with the White House Communications Agency, was a crew member
on Presidential debates and Primaries for both ABC and NBC Television, and worked with Academy Award Director Errol Morris on his documentary feature film, Standard Operating Procedure.

Tim Kolb – Director of Photography & Editor

Tim is an Emmy, Chicago Film Festival Hugo, and Telly Award-winning director. A 20-year veteran of video and television production, he serves as a program producer and first unit director for video programs, television commercials, and live corporate events. Tim judges Emmys and Tellys and is an advisor to Adobe Systems and CineForm. He is also a video/multimedia marketspace consultant for Coleman Research Group, a consulting company serving institutional investment advisors.